August 19, 2015


The History of Phi Lambda

 The Phi Lambda Chapter was established in Raleigh, North Carolina, by Brother S. H. Stanback – a charter member of Zeta Lambda Chapter of Norfolk, Va – on December 19, 1926. Nine courageous men petitioned the national body led by then General President Raymond Cannon to establish a local chapter in Raleigh. These Brothers – Max W. Aiken, Brooks Dickens, Everett W. Johnson, W. A. Robinson, C. G. Segar, Ben L. Taylor, Edward A. Cox, Harold L. Triggs and Reginald L. Lynch – prevailed in their quest and the chapter was authorized at the Eighteenth Annual Convention in Detroit, Michigan, December 27-31, 1925. During the year 1926, Brother Ben L. Taylor began pushing the program of organization which finally bore fruit on December 19, 1926. The charter members were Brothers:

* Max W. Aiken
* Edward A. Cox
* Brooks Dickens
* Everett W. Johnson
* Reginald L. Lynch
* W. A. Robinson
* C. G. Segar
* Ben L. Taylor
* Harold L. Triggs

The Phi Lambda Chapter, with its membership from a wide array of professions, has made an outstanding contribution to the vitality of the African American citizens in Raleigh, Wake County, Johnston County and the State over the years. From the establishment of an Alpha Book Shelf of books by black authors in the libraries of the high schools in eastern North Carolina in 1936 to the establishment of Afrocentric books in the Head Start Centers in Wake County in 1994, the chapter members have dedicated themselves to the precepts of leadership, scholarship and service. Among the many programs that the Chapter conducts include its Outreach Programs which are aimed at working with young African American males to instill in them pride in self, sound moral character and the development of mind.