August 23, 2015

National Black Scholars Signing Day

Welcome to the 5th year of our National Black Scholars Initiative! The initiative is sponsored by the Phi Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. The initiative was born out of the National Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Program “Go To High School, Go To College” and the desire to acknowledge the academic successes of African American students. Each year the academic shortfalls of African American students, becomes a major topic of conversation. Statistics are constantly posted on webpages, blogs, and newspapers about the high drop-out rates and about the state of young Black youth in America. On the other end of those devastating statistics is a determined group of young men and women that are doing all they need to do to be successful. The initiative was launched to shine a light on the young African American students that have worked hard in school and those that have made plans to matriculate to different college/universities, and schools of higher learning throughout the United States.In the same vein of athletic scholarship signings days, the initiative will provide young men and women a day to announce to the world their plans for higher learning. “Why should young men and women headed off to college on athletic scholarships get all the glory? What about the young man or woman headed to Virginia Union University or East Carolina University majoring in Mathematics?” The initiative plans to work closely with schools, churches, and community organizations to identify young men and women that will be attending college.

We are preparing for our 2017 National Black Scholars Signing Day!  This is the 5th year of our initiative!

2017 High School Graduates in Wake, Johnston, and surrounding Counties, are asked to participate in our initiative by registering and announcing to the world your plan to matriculate to a Community College, Technical School, or College/University.  For more information call 919-807-1538.

Date: June 4, 2017

Time: 3pm
Location: Watts Chapel Missionary Baptist Church
3703 Tryon Rd. Raleigh, NC 27606  REGISTRATION DEADLINE 5/26/2017
Download the registration form (Click on Icon below) or register online here (ONLINE REGISTRATION)

Email Registration to or fax to 919-415-1432.

(African American Male graduates please visit and apply for our yearly academic scholarship.)


For additional information, contact: